January 2, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a less messy holiday than our Princess Val from Lost Fantasy Hero!

I have a big announcement...

I’ve started a Patreon!

My Patreon’s primary goal is offering an alternative to my Official Website to access my paid content for the same monthly subscription price of $15.00.

My Patreon patrons and my Official Website subscribers both will share the same exclusive and 3-month exclusive* content.
*Client approval required on commissioned content.

Let’s make fantasy into a reality, become a Patreon patron today!

Iceman Blue
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  1. Anonymous1/02/2017

    Love the new site, but where did all the pin-ups go?

    1. Anonymous1/02/2017

      Yeah I noticed that too. The pin-ups and fan series are gone :(

    2. Not to worry! Pin-ups will be back soon. My site's content will return in waves after this month's renewal!

      Thanks for commenting!

    3. Anonymous1/02/2017

      question! did Vall know about James and Zahn...y'nkow, doing the dirty? Surely she must have seen em go at it through a crystal ball or somethin!

    4. Fun question! I don't think Val suspects a thing. She's got her own unique way of seeing things. In her point of view James is a loving husband who's absolutely obsessed with her and that suits her just fine! She's happy!

    5. Anonymous1/05/2017

      Lmao! That explains that! (Bisexual male here) I fucking love Val so I hope to see more of her! Will you ever depict her and James consummating the marriage? If not I understand LOL!