October 1, 2016

Pick up the first 2 pages from latest issue of the GOSSIP tabloid magazine today exclusively in the IcemanBlue.com members section!

GOSSIP is a glorious homage to nonsense! This is a new series that give our prying eyes a quick and intimate glance at the scandalous shenanigans the Iceman Blue Universe characters are getting themselves into! Let's sip on this delicious and scalding hot t!


  1. Anonymous11/24/2016

    I LOVE LFH. It is such a fun and terrific series! Do you think James will ever get lucky and 'seal the deal' with Valentine haha? Is James REALLY straight? He must at least be bi! Do you think he will ever admit that to himself haha? Sorry for all the questions, keep up the amazing work!

    1. Anonymous12/25/2016

      nah i don't he is straight as he claims, tbh i am not even sure if valentine wants the D lol

    2. Anonymous1/03/2017

      Lol preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty sure James is closeted. Kinda the main running theme of the whole series, no?