April 3, 2014


Hey guys, I have some news to share with you.

Earlier this year I was informed that Mioki, creator of the Side By Side series plus the recently released Popcorn, and a friend of mine in the art community, had suffered a sudden medical emergency that required him to be admitted into emergency care.
Mioki is currently convalescing and I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery so he can continue giving the world even more of his amazing artistic gift. I know Mioki has a lot of fans out there, so you can contact me with your well wishes and I will forward them to his family. I think it could really brighten his day.
Iceman Blue

March 31, 2014

April Update

Still hard at work on the final pages of Lost Fantasy Hero. So for this month's members gallery update I'm proud to share a short webcomic by Richie starring our favorite lost hero, entitled Lost Fantasy Hero: Creepers! I'm really loving the artwork displayed here and I think you guys will too! Let me share a little secret with you guys... the inspiration for this plot came to me after I viewed this straight XXX GIF!! lol And now that I think about it, I get a lot inspiration from straight porn. For example, my Wall series is inspired by Japanese hentai!

"Huh... what happened?"

Well, in other news I've decided to check out the annual San Diego Comic Con again! I wasn't planning on visiting in 2014, but like Lost Hero James I've suddenly fallen into it, but unlike him I'm actually really excited to be going! It should be a lot of fun when the convention finally comes around this July!

That's it for me! Enjoy the update!

February 28, 2014

Lost Fantasy Hero's Final Chapter Begins

Lost Fantasy Hero enters it's final chapter with the first 6 pages, starting at page 95! This anticipated climax aims to satisfy longtime fans of the story as James is forced into a proposition he can't refuse! Lost Fantasy Hero and many other webcomics, pin-ups, guest art, and more are available to view with a paid membership in the members sections of my official website, IcemanBlue.com! Sign up today!

February 4, 2014

You Decide: Mortal Kombat: Sexuality Pin-Up Series

I'm hosting a chance for you to have a say in my next fan-project on my y!Gallery account, so check that out first if you want to get in on this and get more than one vote! Don't have y!Gallery account? Then sign up, it's quick and easy, and you can check out a lot of amazing art by talented artists!

Here is what I wrote on y!Gallery to give you a quick taste on what's happening!

I'm eager to start a new fan-project, a gay erotic pin-up series based on the popular characters of Mortal Kombat and I want your help!

It's up to you here on y!Gallery to decide the sexy pairings from this assorted list of heroes and villains!

Goro, Jax. Johnny Cage

Kano, Liu Kang, Motaro (Centaur Version)

Nightwolf, Scorpion, Shang Tsung

Shao Khan, Stryker, Sub-Zero

Create a list of 6 unique pairing, using each character only once. For example...

Goro vs. Jax
Johnny Cage vs. Kano
Liu Kang vs. Motaro
Nightwolf vs. Scorpion
Shang Tsung vs. Shao Khan
Stryker vs. Sub-Zero

Keep in mind that name order in the pairing won't determine which character is going to "win or lose" their match up. Their sexual fate is left for me to decide! ;)

The 6 unique pairings with the most votes will be used. The public voting will end on February 28, 11:59 PM PST.

You want to vote more than once?
Check out my Blog and Comment, check me out on FurAffinity and Comment, like me on Facebook and Comment, follow me on Tumblr and Reblogwith your y!Gallery username and repost your list! No y!Gallery username, no extra vote! Do not change your pairings!

January 15, 2014

Camili-Cat: Mounted: Available Now

I'm extremely excited to say Camili-Cat: Mounted, a Digital Mini Comic by yours truly, Iceman Blue, is available now at Class Comic's Online Store. Buy yours today and let me know what you think of it!

Here's more product information courtesy from my friends at Class Comics!


Taking place before Cam had his infamous life and body altering encounter with the vile Dr. Pupae, CAMILI-CAT: MOUNTED is a brand new Class Access Digital MINI COMIC that finds Cam trying to escape his old foe, Gammu
Gammu hates Camili-Cat and now he has revenge on the brain which involves trapping Cam’s limbs in cement and mounting him on the wall like a well hung art plaque. Gammu plans to not only put Cam through the ringer sexually, but also emotionally. To this end, the villain digs up a very special someone from Cam’s past and uses this individual to further torment our favorite Felinoid: Cam’s own father, Cal.
Cam is naturally blind-sided by the revelation that his thought to be deceased father is still very much alive. Gammu’s creativity soars as both Felinoid father and son are helplessly mounted up to the wall, their junk vulnerable and exposed for the villain to toy with. Let the Felinoid family gravy fly! 
When it comes to revenge, Gammu goes all out and even if Cam manages to escape his cement trap, he’ll be dealing with the repercussions of this encounter for the rest of his life
Written and illustrated by ICEMAN BLUE, CAMILI-CAT: MOUNTED is the first Camili-Cat tale entirely created by a writer/artist that is not Patrick Fillion. This story fits seamlessly into Camili-Cat’s story arc and further deepens the mysteries of his past. Beautifully illustrated and raunchily written with humor and style, CAMILI-CAT : MOUNTED is an essential part of Cam’s life that no true fan will want to miss out on. 

This mini comic includes 12 comic pages and 8 pages of wicked bonus materials featuring a sketches, concept art and an afterword by Patrick Fillion!

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I hope you had a fun and safe time ringing in the new year. What's your New Year's resolution? One of mine is the same as always, to produce even more art for everyone to enjoy!

Here's an inked Green Lantern to get your 2014 started right. Cheers!

November 24, 2013

Coming Soon: Camili-Cat: Mounted

I wanted to let my blog readers know that Class Comics has announced a new Digital Mini Comic, Camili-Cat: Mounted, with art and story by yours truly, Iceman Blue!

I'm extremely excited about this project and I hope you are too! I even received the distinct honor of creating a new character for the Class Comics Universe! I can't wait for you to meet him when the Digital Mini Comic is released before the year's end!

Don't worry, I'll give you a head's up here when it's released! And here is the news in Class Comic's own words!

Iceman Blue comes to Class Comics!

Iceman Blue is well known throughout the world of Gay Erotic Comics for his raunchy imagination, prolific creativity and talented brush strokes. He’s perhaps best known for creating “Midnightman” and “Cosmic Heroes”; all hunky male heroes with a proclivity for letting their cocks land them in the hottest sexual situations.  Now Iceman Blue comes to Class Comics, and his first Class-themed offering is a devilishly raunchy new Camili-Cat mini comic entitled “Camili-Cat: MOUNTED”. 
It’s very rare that a writer other than Patrick Fillion has the opportunity to write a Camili-Cat story, but Fillion happily gave Iceman the go-ahead to not only illustrate the up-coming Camili-Cat mini comic, but also to write it.

This story takes place before Cam had his infamous life and body altering encounter with the vile Dr. Pupae. Without giving the plot away, let’s just say that Cam has a run in with Gammu, an old enemy he first met back in the pages of Boytoon Adventures #1. Gammu has revenge on the brain, and that involves trapping Cam’s limbs in cement and mounting him on the wall like a well hung art plaque. Gammu plans to not only put  Cam through the ringer sexually, but also emotionally. To this end, the villain digs up a very special someone from Cam’s past and uses this individual to further torment our favorite Felinoid.

”Camili-Cat: MOUNTED” will be available as an exclusive Digital Mini Comic by the end of 2013. In the meantime, enjoy these sexy previews, and be sure to check out Iceman Blue’s website for more of his wicked art. 

ICEMAN BLUE comes to Class Comics. “Camili-Cat: MOUNTED” finds Cam falling into Gammu’s cement trap.

Hmmm…? I wonder who that sexy, older Felinoid next to Camili-Cat might be? You’ll find out in the pages of “Camili-Cat: MOUNTED”, a new digital mini comic written and illustrated by ICEMAN BLUE, coming December 2013 from Class Comics.