August 1, 2016

Hey guys, Happy August!

For a fun and sexy Summertime read, check out Fall of The Hammer Book 2: Silver Charger by Todd Fleming with cover art by yours truly, me!

The second part of this series, the hero Silver Charger finds himself charged with a murder that he did not commit. Facing corruption in every corner, the hero experiences the joys of submitting to another man while in prison. Can he prove his innocence and find the real murderer or will he find himself enslaved as a prison sex toy?

Mm! That sounds scorching hot! Buy yours today!

Don't forget other steam reads by Todd, The Defeat of Paragon Lad and Fall of The Hammer Book 1: Tornado!


  1. there no pics with this?

  2. This isn't a graphic novel/comic book. It's written fiction with my art serving as the cover. I hope this helps.

  3. Anonymous7/05/2017

    Dude, you and Todd are both so talented. No matter if either of you are using known superhero studs or creating your own, unique and original hot, superhero hunks, your artworks and writings give we lucky readers huge, orgasmic bliss. Over n' over orgasmic bliss. I can't wait to read this story by Todd, for 3 main reasons. First, the enticing cover art pulled me in. Next, the synopsis was quite compelling and I can't wait to read about who dominates our stud hero. Which leads to reason 3, that being that I crave any sexy superhero stud getting dominated by another man, especially by a true villain.

    P.S. this is an awesome blogspot!