February 1, 2016

We have so much to talk about for this update! So much is going on at the Iceman Blue studio!

First, I'd like to congratulate the fabulous winner LittleDanceDiva for correctly figuring out the clues in the recent Lost Fantasy Hero short stories!! Your request, Freakazoid ('Membah him? lol), is ready for your perusal in the Fan-Art section! Please enjoy!

Second thing, for the first time ever, Iceman Blue will be selling 11x17in prints of some really cool super heroes! As you know, 2016 is a major year for comic book films, so there will be a theme for each month that a print comes out! Make sure to pre-order yours asap, because this is a limited run!

Lastly, the Iceman Blue and Class Comics crossover adventure continues! Come see the barbarian Zahn clash with James, and the rest of the Lost Fantasy Hero cast! Things are heating up!

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