March 31, 2015

33 Fan Webcomic Covers!

Check it out! 33 fan webcomic covers! It feels like yesterday when I was barely up to 3!

What are my rules when making a webcomic? A) It's gotta have plot! B) Over 3 pages long! C) It needs to have a cover page!

What do you think of the latest webcomic based on everyone's favorite Guardians and what fan webcomic should I consider doing next? ; )


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  2. I have read all of them!

  3. Anonymous4/02/2015

    You've been teasing us with Green Arrow art for years, so I think you need to bite the bullet and finally do a full-length comic.

    I'd also love to see a Before/After where Peter tells Drax to kiss his ass, then...well, you know ;)

  4. I would love to see you make a Spider-Man comic focused on him losing his clothing and the perverted situations that would arise from his wardrobe malfunctions. But that's just me being me.

  5. Anonymous4/07/2015

    I think you should make one where Tadashi from Big Hero 6, Kristoff from Frozen and Flynn Rider from Tangled argue about who is the better bottom. So they have the other Disney men fuck them to decide!

    Or you could make one where the boys from Young Justice and being taught by there mentors on the proper way to have sex with a man!

    1. I find that Young Justice idea very attractive. I'll mention it to tom as a possible future project, although I've already commissioned the recent YJ comic, and he doesn't like repeating characters. However, he has indulged me occasionally.

  6. Anonymous4/10/2015

    You know what'd be amazingly hot? A Connor Hawke/Kyle Raynor comic!

  7. A Mortal Kombat parody where Johnny Cage is up against Jax (who's secretly being mind controlled by Shao Khan). Johnny cage takes the stage and prepares to fight Jax who has become a lot stronger from the mind control. Before the fight begins, Johnny searches the crowd for Sonya and blows a kiss to her.

    Punch after punch, Jax lands haymakers to the handsome Johnny Cages flawless face, breaking his trademark dark sunglasses. Finally Jax gives him a nut shot just to make matters worst. Johnny falls to the ground holding his balls for dear life.

    As Johnny surrenders (by tapping out) Jax looks back at Shao Khan (who sits upon his throne with Goro and Shang Tsung at his sides) for further instruction. Shao Khan throws his hand into a thumbs down motion, signaling Jax to "RAPE HIM!" (In the traditional "FINISH HIM!" Fashion).

    Jax walks over to Johnny Cage who's now bent over, on his knees, still clutching his testicles and grabs at his pants. He yanks them down to his knees exposing Johnny's beautiful bottom and then pulls out his own hard, black, thick, 10 inched penis that's riddled with veins and dripping precum.

    Johnny tries to muster up strength to get up from the assumed position but Jax pushes his head back down and holds him in place with one hand. With the free hand, Jax grips his huge manhood and inches toward Johnny's virgin pink manhole.

    Johnny pleads for mercy and begs not to be fucked by something so big but his cries fall on deaf ears as Jax touches his head to Johnny's hole and then thrusts deep inside him causing Johnny to scream out "NO!" in agony.

    In the crowd, Sonya watches helplessly as her ex-husband is plowed from behind like a dog. He pounds Johnny relentlessly until he yells, "Ugh, I'm Cumming!" and with that, he explodes into Johnny Cages guts. Filling him with his seed. He turns and looks to Shao Khan who taps Goro & Shang Tsung to go and join in Cages punishment for failure.

    Goro walks over and unsheathes a mighty big cock then grabs Johnny Cages hair, pulls his head off the ground and shoves his penis deep inside his throat. Shang Tsung whips out his dick and morphs it into an even longer one and begins to jerk it off and slap Johnny's face with it, leaving trails of splashed pre-cum while he finger fucks Goro. With his eyes bucked open, Johnny Cage is again plowed mercilessly by Jax's meaty member.

    Now being taken from both ends and facially assualted, Cage let's go, stop fighting and excepts his thrashing like a man. Both Jax and Goro fuck Johnny until they cum In his asshole & mouth then they lick Shang Tsung's nipples while he continues to masturbate until he shoots a load of jizz on Johnny's face.

    Shao Khan applauds and then says, "Flawless Victory!" He stands up and bends over his throne, exposing his plump, voluptuous ass cheeks. He spread his cheeks and shows his rosie hole and says, "Round 2…FUCK!"

  8. What an impressive achievement. It's rather alarming to see how many of them were commissioned by me, but it was money well spent! There are more to come.