January 15, 2014

Camili-Cat: Mounted: Available Now

I'm extremely excited to say Camili-Cat: Mounted, a Digital Mini Comic by yours truly, Iceman Blue, is available now at Class Comic's Online Store. Buy yours today and let me know what you think of it!

Here's more product information courtesy from my friends at Class Comics!


Taking place before Cam had his infamous life and body altering encounter with the vile Dr. Pupae, CAMILI-CAT: MOUNTED is a brand new Class Access Digital MINI COMIC that finds Cam trying to escape his old foe, Gammu
Gammu hates Camili-Cat and now he has revenge on the brain which involves trapping Cam’s limbs in cement and mounting him on the wall like a well hung art plaque. Gammu plans to not only put Cam through the ringer sexually, but also emotionally. To this end, the villain digs up a very special someone from Cam’s past and uses this individual to further torment our favorite Felinoid: Cam’s own father, Cal.
Cam is naturally blind-sided by the revelation that his thought to be deceased father is still very much alive. Gammu’s creativity soars as both Felinoid father and son are helplessly mounted up to the wall, their junk vulnerable and exposed for the villain to toy with. Let the Felinoid family gravy fly! 
When it comes to revenge, Gammu goes all out and even if Cam manages to escape his cement trap, he’ll be dealing with the repercussions of this encounter for the rest of his life
Written and illustrated by ICEMAN BLUE, CAMILI-CAT: MOUNTED is the first Camili-Cat tale entirely created by a writer/artist that is not Patrick Fillion. This story fits seamlessly into Camili-Cat’s story arc and further deepens the mysteries of his past. Beautifully illustrated and raunchily written with humor and style, CAMILI-CAT : MOUNTED is an essential part of Cam’s life that no true fan will want to miss out on. 

This mini comic includes 12 comic pages and 8 pages of wicked bonus materials featuring a sketches, concept art and an afterword by Patrick Fillion!

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