November 24, 2013

Coming Soon: Camili-Cat: Mounted

I wanted to let my blog readers know that Class Comics has announced a new Digital Mini Comic, Camili-Cat: Mounted, with art and story by yours truly, Iceman Blue!

I'm extremely excited about this project and I hope you are too! I even received the distinct honor of creating a new character for the Class Comics Universe! I can't wait for you to meet him when the Digital Mini Comic is released before the year's end!

Don't worry, I'll give you a head's up here when it's released! And here is the news in Class Comic's own words!

Iceman Blue comes to Class Comics!

Iceman Blue is well known throughout the world of Gay Erotic Comics for his raunchy imagination, prolific creativity and talented brush strokes. He’s perhaps best known for creating “Midnightman” and “Cosmic Heroes”; all hunky male heroes with a proclivity for letting their cocks land them in the hottest sexual situations.  Now Iceman Blue comes to Class Comics, and his first Class-themed offering is a devilishly raunchy new Camili-Cat mini comic entitled “Camili-Cat: MOUNTED”. 
It’s very rare that a writer other than Patrick Fillion has the opportunity to write a Camili-Cat story, but Fillion happily gave Iceman the go-ahead to not only illustrate the up-coming Camili-Cat mini comic, but also to write it.

This story takes place before Cam had his infamous life and body altering encounter with the vile Dr. Pupae. Without giving the plot away, let’s just say that Cam has a run in with Gammu, an old enemy he first met back in the pages of Boytoon Adventures #1. Gammu has revenge on the brain, and that involves trapping Cam’s limbs in cement and mounting him on the wall like a well hung art plaque. Gammu plans to not only put  Cam through the ringer sexually, but also emotionally. To this end, the villain digs up a very special someone from Cam’s past and uses this individual to further torment our favorite Felinoid.

”Camili-Cat: MOUNTED” will be available as an exclusive Digital Mini Comic by the end of 2013. In the meantime, enjoy these sexy previews, and be sure to check out Iceman Blue’s website for more of his wicked art. 

ICEMAN BLUE comes to Class Comics. “Camili-Cat: MOUNTED” finds Cam falling into Gammu’s cement trap.

Hmmm…? I wonder who that sexy, older Felinoid next to Camili-Cat might be? You’ll find out in the pages of “Camili-Cat: MOUNTED”, a new digital mini comic written and illustrated by ICEMAN BLUE, coming December 2013 from Class Comics.


  1. wow! im excited!!! :) Your work is always so hot.

  2. Anonymous11/24/2013

    Congrats! Your original Marvel Wall series is great, I'd love to see it spun off into a webcomic.

  3. Anonymous11/25/2013

    Congratulations! c:

    Also, can I just say that I love your Wall series, and I especially love you included in your newest one Sabretooth and Hercules, also Howlett because. Yes. They are awesome.

  4. Jason Love12/06/2013

    Looking forward to this for sure, my 2 fave things, your well fetish and Camili-Cat :P

    Can I just say I love how your talent has progressed so much Iceman, I love your older comics ie Hard Heroes etc. But your newer polished art style is to DIE for ie LFH and this upcoming one.

    Keep up the great work <3 <3