October 1, 2015


Here's an amazing collaborative project I'm a part of that's recently released. Check it out!

The HOOK-UPS MEATY books #1 & #2 are now available!

Prepare to cream your jeans! The Class Comics HOOK-UPS MEATY Book One and HOOK-UPS MEATY Book Two are here, and both of these massive volumes feature the amazing talents some of today’s most impressive artists of Gay Erotic Art.
These wicked new Meaties hook the Class Comics hunks up in ways you never thought imaginable. Universes have collided! Continuities have been rearranged! Story lines have been crossed and as a result, some of the hottest character pairings conceivable have occurred!
See VANDAL and DEVILHOUND jump each other’s bones! Gawk as TRIP makes out with the handsome but straightWARREN! Witness SPACE CADET and GHOSTBOY merge to become one stellar being! Watch as DR. SILVERFISHturns a bound DEIMOS into his muscle sub! Behold DR. PUPAE’S incredible collection of alien dongs! And this is just the beginning of the fun!
Featuring the beautiful work of an impressive 70 ARTISTS collectively, BOTH HOOK-UPS MEATY Book One andHOOK-UPS MEATY Book Two  each contain OVER a whopping 40 PAGES of exquisitely-crafted, cum-gushing, mouth-wateringly sexual artwork.
All of your favorite Class Comics characters are here, stunningly and lovingly depicted by some truly gifted creators of Gay Erotic Art! Check out the full list of creators below, along with the information about where you can find them online!

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